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La Solitaire has a legacy of over 30 glorious years and we have left no stone unturned to offer only the finest quality of jewels to our esteemed customers. We have earned an honored reputation in crafting genuine precious diamonds, gems and stones. Known to deliver only the most authentic jewels to our discerning customers, we have gained their trust and loyalty over the years. Innovation and meticulous attention to details have been our strengths, enabling us create quality diamonds that are truly supreme. Our expertise extends to an exquisite collection of diamond solitaires, exotic diamond jewelry, kundan & polkies, precious gems and stones and even contemporary pieces for everyday indulgence –to fulfill all your jeweled fantasies.

India’s jeweled legacy is spectacular as it is diverse, and to foster it La Solitaire features designs from different regions of India. These include Calcutta, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Jaipur and Bikaner-aptly reflecting the craftsmanship of the region. Our collection also features prestigious international branded jewelry from Italy, Singapore, Dubai, France, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. At La solitaire jewels, the commitment to perfection and precision is driven by our customers’ impeccable taste and preference.